Hi, my name is Tom Aronson. I am not a writer or journalist, but I do like to write. I don’t profess to having anything more than a personal opinion that I value as uniquely mine. I have a penchant for studying the uniqueness of the people who make up an issue rather than breezing over the issue at face value. It helps me to gain their perspective and prevent me from getting caught up in the hype.  So, instead of putting pen to paper for one of my personal journals, it finally feels like it is the right time to put fingers to keyboard and start a blog.

You see, I have a basic belief that the more people there are in a chorus, the greater potential there is for a much more beautiful harmony. The harmony comes from many individual, and different, voices that are sharing a common melody. The beauty comes from the discipline of singing the same notes together in perfect pitch. Kind of a celebration of the differences in the voices.

Today, in the United States of America, there are so many voices that need to be heard and celebrated for their differences. Currently, there seems to be so much conversation about the details of the differences that we quit listening for the potential beauty in the harmony of the voices.

There are many things that most Americans agree on. At the top of the list we want safety, security, acceptance, and to meet the most basic of our needs. Yes, the details may be different about how each individual sees fit to achieve these. That is OK. In fact, it is healthy. There must be a good reason for differences because no two people on earth have the exact same thoughts or ideas. Therefore, to thrive and accomplish our potential, we need to be able to freely communicate ideas about all subjects involved with co-existing together. Communication seems to work best when more listening to understand takes place than talking to be heard.

This is the premise for starting this blog. My thought is that we Americans (the deep down part inside each one of us that defines how WE really feel and what WE really think) are more together on issues than we may know or believe. What we want, how we want it, and how willing we are to compromise for a fair outcome are closer than we think. There are always extremes to every issue, and that is OK. My belief, again, is that most people fall somewhere in “the middle.” It may look like there are irreconcilable differences, but I believe if left to “we the people”, those differences can be bridged.

I hope this site becomes one of many outlets that attracts listeners, thinkers, and positive problem solvers. Can we put our differences aside just long enough to out what our commonalities are? Starting from that perspective we may be able work our way into issues that really can be solved. Through active listening, with a lot of contemplative understanding, it is my belief we can cut through the media and politically pushed divisiveness to start solving problems without their biases.

So, if you are a critical thinker who understands solutions happen with give and take, this is the place for you.